Wednesday, 3 July 2013

What's The Difference Between Muscle Tone And Muscle Gain

There are a variety of concepts and perceptions regarding muscle tone held by different people. However, the actual meaning of muscle tone is basically the partial contraction of the muscle while at rest. When your muscles are toned they have a greater residual tension while in a rested state. If you intentionally tense your muscle, they'll become more firm, but when you get that similar firmness and definition without intentionally tensing the muscle (the muscle is at rest) you have muscle tone.

How To Gain Muscle Tone Without Gaining Muscle Mass

Some people in the fitness industry believe that it's not possible to separately gain muscle tone without building muscle mass. They believe the only way to modify the look of a muscle is to either increase the size of the muscle or lose fat stored around the muscle. I'm here to tell you that after careful investigation and continuous reading, I've learned that it is very much possible to tone a muscle without significantly increasing it's size. And this is accomplished through special ways of lifting weights.

True, if you build muscle and lose fat, you'll look more toned, but what if you don't want to get bigger muscle and you also don't have a lot of excess fat, but you want your muscle to have a more defined look. The best option is to use the correct workout techniques to gain muscle tone without gaining muscle mass.

How To Workout To Get Muscle Tone Without Building Muscle Mass

Now you'll definitely need to lift weights to gain muscle tone, but since muscle tone and muscle gain is not directly connected, physiologically speaking, you should avoid lifting weights in a manner aimed at damaging the muscle. making sure that you create damage to the muscle is essential for gaining muscle mass, but it's not necessary if you only want to get muscle tone.

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